Böhlke Veneers Tour

The AIA Cincinnati Committee on Design is hosting a tour of the Böhlke Veneer Corporation today. The tour is limited in size and open to AIA members only. Last minute sign up can be found at the AIA Cincinnati website.

The Fairfield-based office and veneer plant specializes in architectural millwork, cabinetry, furniture, and custom-designed veneers. Started in 1963, the business is an industry leader in fine veneers and architectural woodwork.

More information about Böhlke Veneers can be found at their website.

The event is part of ArchiNATI.


AFC Gallery opening tonight

The Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati will open the show “Old Building New Life: The Old Art Academy Building at the Cincinnati Art Museum” tonight at 6pm. The opening reception is at 811 Race Street.

The event is part of ArchiNATI, a one week festival of design and architecture for Cincinnati. Before the public event, the AIA will have its annual meeting in the gallery. This will be followed by the opening and a brief design talk by Jim Cheng of emersion Design.

DAAP Panel Discussion Preserving Eisenman Update

Updated from the ArchiNATI website:

It is with a great deal of disappointment that we are announcing the withdrawal of the “DAAP Panel Discussion: Preserving Eisenman” from the ArchiNATI calendar. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, this event is being postponed to a date to be determined. We are looking forward to having a future opportunity to discuss a building that has been captivating for so many of us. Thank you for your understanding.

Old Building New Life

The Architecture Foundation of Cincinnati is producing a show this Fall about one of the most visible and important architectural projects in the Cincinnati area. The exhibit will feature the old Art Academy of Cincinnati and its conversion from an old school of art to a new layout as office and support spaces for the Cincinnati Art Museum. The show is planned to be part of ArchiNATI, an inaugural effort by the AIA Cincinnati Young Architects and Intern Forum (YAiF) to establish an architecture festival in the Queen City.

James McLaughlin, original sketch for Art School, 1886, from the Collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Emersion Design, perspective

Last year, the Cincinnati Art Museum hired AEC emersion Joint Venture  to renovate the old Art Academy Building at the museum campus in Eden Park. The project is a first step in the Museum’s more long-term renovation plans as designed by Neutelings Reidijk Architects.

image of master plan model, Neutelings Riedijk Architects

The exhibition will be a chance to see the new designs for the Art Academy Building along with historical documentation and design drawings of previous Cincinnati architects. The intent is to increase and enhance the architectural design discussion and at the same time celebrate the innovative designs of our own best practitioners. Events such as these are establishing the AFC Gallery as the city’s main venue for architectural design professionals, design students, and the interested general public to have discussions about design and the city.

Here is the full exhibition description for the AFC show.

How do we build on the past while accommodating for the future?  How does an architectural design incorporate history and time, including its own evolution over time?  If cultural institutions are civic buildings then how do the design strategies relate to the public and engage the city?  How do civic buildings represent our attitude towards history and the value of preservation?  How can something new be incorporated with something old?  How do such efforts represent Cincinnati to ourselves and to the world?

This exhibition will address these issues by showcasing the architectural evolution of the old Art Academy building at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  Originally constructed to house an art school that was part of the Cincinnati Art Museum, the building has changed significantly over time due to fire, ownership, and changes in use.  Vacant for several years since the Art Academy moved downtown the museum is now starting construction on another major architectural redesign of this building.

The show will focus on three major phases of the Art Academy building’s life.  The original 1887 design of James McLaughlin was a picturesque Romanesque pavilion sitting on a distant hillside.  A 1940s renovation by Hake and Hake significantly reshaped the roofline and interior spaces after a major fire.  The current 2011 design proposal by Emersion Design will reshape the roofline once again and give the interior spaces new life as offices and support spaces for museum staff.  The exhibition will use design documentation, presentation boards, drawings from historical records, and archival photographs to illustrate how the building has changed over time and how architects from different eras have responded to the challenge of building upon the past while designing for the future.

Event Details

Old Building New Life: The Old Art Academy Building at the Cincinnati Art Museum

AFC Gallery

811 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH

October 18th – November 18th

Opening, Tuesday, October 18th, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

More information about the AFC can be found on their website. http://www.architecturecincy.org/

More info about ArchiNATI. http://www.archinati.org/

AIA Cincinnati Young Architects and Interns Forum (YAiF) http://www.facebook.com/groups/50714651176/


*Correction 10/3/11, A previous version incorrectly listed emersion Design as the architectural firm hired by the CAM. AEC emersion Joint Venture is a partner of the firm. More info at http://www.emersiondesign.com/partners.html


Cincinnati is a city of festivals. You can mark time in the city by remembering which festival is coming up when and or even reminisce about the times when you were younger, the parties lasted longer, and fireworks were bigger. In fact, the seasons in Cincinnati are not marked by the shifting location of the sun in the sky, but rather by the slow progression of Opening Day into Taste of Cincinnati into the Fourth of July into the Labor Day Fireworks into Oktoberfest….

A new effort is being started this year to make Cincinnati’s architecture and design community part of the festival scene. The festival is called ArchiNATI.

ArchiNATI is the creation of the AIA Cincinnati Young Architect’s Intern Forum (YAiF).  Here is the text from the ArchiNATI website:

Cincinnati has an excellent  architectural history,  vibrant contemporary practices, a collection of strong cultural and arts institutions, and world-class design education. While these entities are each individually excellent, we wanted to propose an event that brings them all together.

We are the Young Architect’s and Intern’s Forum, which is the Young Professional’s committee of the Cincinnati Chapter of the AIA.

This project will increase public connection to, and awareness of architecture by achieving a critical mass of events during a week, celebrating Cincinnati’s built environment and showcasing forward thinking from the past to the present. This week long program is called ArchiNATI.

From October 14th to October 21st partner institutions will hold events consistent with their existing agendas and missions which fit under the general topic of ArchiNATI. The role of the Young Architect’s and Intern’s Forum will be to promote and coordinate the week overall.  The combined promotion will not only increase attendance at individual events and provide value to our partner organizations, but also promote our city, our institutions, and our profession to the general public.

Some of the events that on on the boards include panel discussions, exhibitions, architectural tours, architect talks, movie screenings, and tours of architectural firms. The final calendar is in the works, so stay tuned to the ArchiNATI website for details.


design is…..

The design is… postcard campaign moves to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County!

The results of our postcard design competition are on display at the Downtown Cincinnati Branch, 800 Vine Street.  The AIA Cincinnati Committee on Design is pleased to showcase all of the submissions in this very public and accessible venue. Please come take a look  –  join other students, designers, and other creative individuals to share your thoughts on design is….

Original announcement  – Summer 2010

The AIA Cincinnati Committee on Design wants to start a community dialogue by asking you what design is…

You have a blank canvas the size of a postcard to show us what you think design is…

Be creative. Be honest. Use whatever media or method you prefer.

Through this campaign we hope to broaden design dialogue, share our creative energy, and have fun in the process. We seeking submissions from all design disciplines including Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, EGD, Branding and Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and the countless other design professions out there.

Perhaps even more importantly we want to hear from those who do not call design their profession, but have an opinion about it. We welcome all to participate.